Center for Teaching and Learning


The CTL is your "go to" place for experimenting with technologies that make learning a richer, more dynamic experience. Come into the CTL and learn how to use the following tools:

Closed-captioning software for ADA Compliance. is the best source of creating your own closed-captions so that your video content is ADA compliant. This can be accessed for free at The CTL provides support and training when creating closed-captions with

Audio Recorder Check out

Digital audio recorders are available to checkout to record class content. The H4n Zoom recorder allows you to capture high quality mp3 or wav audio files that can be uploaded to a desktop or laptop computer. The audio files can also be uploaded to your course or Google Share drive for ease of access.

Camcorder Check out

Digital camcorders are available to checkout to record class content. HD Camcorders provide a quick and easy solution for capturing video content for classroom use. The camcorders we have available capture mp4 video files that can easily be uploaded to a desktop or laptop computer. The video files can also be uploaded to your course or Google Share drive for ease of access.


A professional screen recording program that allows for video and audio recording as well as video editing. Camtasia allows faculty and staff to create screen recording videos that takes their message to the next level. With the ability to record a webcam and the computer screen simultaneously, you are able to be seen by your student and provide graphic information and animations that you can edit into your video messages.

Green Screen Compositing

Video studio style green screen that enables instructors to change the background behind the subject. Green screen compositing has become a standard in video production. Faculty and staff can now use this same technology to create dynamic video presentations that engage student interest. Working with the CTL, you can design a custom background and incorporate animated elements into your final video.


A Lightboard provides an effective way to record online lectures. The writing surface allows the instructor to draw diagrams, equations, and formulas just as they would on a whiteboard. Using the glass writing surface, along with fluorescent markers and a video camera, tutorial Lightboard videos can be developed to demonstrate problem-solving and explain complex topics. (Without taking up a significant amount of class and lecture time)

The lecturer faces the viewer and the writing glows in front of the lecturer, reversing the image for the viewer. PowerPoint and Keynote slides can be merged onto the surface – but they must first be digitally reversed. Lightboard presentations meet our EMCC students need for clear and informative lecture capture, through quick and effective video productions. The videos can be shared with students through CANVAS, YouTube, or Google Share Drive.


Tablets can be used in various ways. They can be operated in the classroom as a note screen, or utilized in the preparation of lessons. These devices offer greater flexibility and mobility when compared to traditional desktop computers.

We have several Android, Apple, and Surface Tablets that can be checked out from the CTL.

We’re also working with the EMCC IT department to explore the possibility of tablets being used to display various files and images through our classroom projectors. This would allow instructors to navigate slides, illustrate webpages, or do almost anything that a desktop computer can do; but with the freedom to move about within the classroom.

If you are interested in using any of these tools, please let us know by sending a help request for an appointment to [email protected]