Center for Teaching and Learning

Skills Credentialing

Your CTL is excited to introduce a new way for faculty and staff to demonstrate their professional development, in what we’re calling skills credentialing.  All our skills credentialing programming includes these elements:

  • Clear, demonstrable learning outcomes
  • Engaging learning activities to develop one’s skills
  • “Authentic assessment”- participants “show” how they have met the learning outcomes through creation and submission of an artifact (i.e., a video, a lesson or action plan, etc.)
  • Awarding of an e-badge, which currently can be displayed in their Canvas account but eventually in other digital platforms (such as the Employee Learn Center, Linkedin, etc.)

The CTL currently offers two skills credentialing programs, and is working on expanding these offerings in the semesters to come to form integrated learning pathways to help all employees grow professionally.  In Fall 2019 the skills credentialing programs offered are:

  • Advanced Canvas
  • Basic Video Production
  • Assessment Practioner (Student Affairs Only)

Completion of Skills Credentialing programs may also qualify faculty for non-academic advancement (residential faculty) or CAFE credits (adjunct faculty). Please contact the CTL faculty director for more details.