Center for Teaching and Learning

Funding Innovation

As part of its Learning College philosophy, EMCC provides grants that allow employees to try out new ideas and explore how we can enhance student success. The CTL and the CTL Advisory Committee oversee the grant application process on behalf of the college. Our goal is to ensure that the process is fair and equitable, and that grants fulfill the purposes for which they were created.

Interested in applying? Simply click on one of the links below to get started:

  • Course Innovation Proposals provides a faculty-driven mechanism for developing, expanding, and upgrading EMCC’s course offerings to improve student access and student success.
  • Innovation and Learning Grants support new ideas to grow the learning college and promote student success. Any employee can apply for one!
  • Learning Community Grants allow faculty to work together and innovatively combine different topics and courses to create learning environments that support more effective learning.
  • Learning Inquiry Group Grants is a pilot program that allows EMCC employees to come together in order to encourage interdisciplinary engagement in topics related to student success and retention. At this time, the pilot program is open only to residential faculty. However, if the program is successful, it is anticipated that in future years the program will be open to all employees.