Center for Teaching and Learning

EMC101: The Learning College Experience

Please note: EMC101 is on hiatus until further notice.  The CTL facilitator for this event has resigned and we are currently in the process of finding her replacement.

What is EMC101?

The EMC101: The Learning College Experience is designed to serve as a comprehensive onboarding program for all new staff but available to all employees EMCC. It will help employees become immersed in the learning college philosophy and core values of EMCC as well as learn essential knowledge and facilitate connections that will expedite employee effectiveness while fostering a sense of belonging.

What is the goal of EMC101?

EMC101: The Learning College Experience will:

  1. Instill the learning college principles to all participating EMCC employees in order to maintain and enhance a learning college culture.
  2. Expedite the acquisition of social capital to accelerate employee productivity by meeting key individuals and leaders from across the college.
  3. Create a sense of belonging and loyalty at the college.
Who is EMC101 for?

The program is targeted to new part-time and full-time employees, but all employees are welcome to participate. 

Why participate in EMC101?
  • New employees to the college will likely not be well versed in the learning college philosophy, and without this deliberative process, the culture could drift away from our core philosophy
  • It often takes new employees many months if not years to establish the connections needed to perform at their top effectiveness. By showcasing resources and personnel around the college, it not only fosters social networking and resource awareness but also creates a sense of belonging (i.e., “I feel valued by my employer”, “I belong at this college”)
What does the program consist of?

Each week, EMC101 covers a variety of topics to help new employees settle into the college, including a history of EMCC and the Maricopa Community Colleges, strengths-based assessment, goal setting, how to live the core values of the college, and a review of productivity tools. In addition, each week features guest speakers, including senior administration as well as representative from nearly every area of the college.

When and where is the program?

Fridays, from 1-3pm during the fall semester. The program starts the friday after the New Employee Orientation.

Who do I contact to sign up or learn more?

The program is currently on hiatus.  Please contact the CTL faculty director Erik Huntsinger to learn more.