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Downloading the syllabus

EMCC Course Syllabus Template


Syllabus TemplateAll EMCC hybrid/online courses are provided with a Syllabus Template that has been collaboratively developed by faculty and E-Learning staff. This template communicates and re-enforces critical course policies and performance expectations, which in turn helps to facilitate success for our community college learners. 

Please use the existing syllabus template as it contains both district and college required components. You may edit content within the categories of the syllabus to reflect your course standards in the Google doc. However, you must use the the Course Description and Competencies as articulated by MCCCD. Be sure to write a learning outcome for the course: In one sentence, the learning outcome should answer the question ‘what’s the gist of what you want the student to be able to do in the real world as a result of taking this course?  

Please read, review, and reflect upon the learning policies and protocols in the course syllabus; several course assignments are based on this material. After reviewing the syllabus, review the instructions below on how to download the syllabus template.


How to download the syllabus template:

  • Log into your Maricopa Gmail account using your email address ([email protected]). Please note: DO NOT try to access with your personal account. It will ask that you request access from us. By logging in using your Maricopa Gmail, you will automatically get access.  
  • Open a new tab and go to the Syllabus Template
  • Download the file by going to File → Download As → Microsoft Word (see image to view sample) 
  • As a best practice when creating the syllabus in Word, please be sure to save it as a PDF to provide to students.


Please visit General College and District Syllabus Information, Guidelines, and Policies for addition syllabus requirements.