Center for Teaching and Learning

Course Masters

As part of the FRACTL course development process (formerly hybrid/online course development under the e-Learning program), course masters are created through a grants process.  This document outlines the process for how creation or changes to course masters take place.

Course Masters: The course master is the LMS course shell that has gone through quality assurance processes through FRACTL (or the former e-learning committee) to ensure best practices in teaching and learning. Course masters may be developed independently by faculty members/division chairs or completed through the New and Redesigned Course Master grant process that is administered through FRACTL.  There can be only one course master per course number, per modality (other versions of the master course can be created and made available, but they cannot have the title of “course master”). These course masters are housed in the EMCC Center for Teaching and Learning (CTL), which is responsible for the title format of the master course (Course title, number, format, and year of update).  Course masters should be generic in the sense that they do not have instructors’ names or details.  Course masters are not “run” (populated with students), but are the basis for copying over for other instructors. Adjunct faculty are expected to use course masters when they teach unless an exception is made by the division chair. Residential faculty may use course masters at their discretion.

You may find a list of EMCC course masters here.

Course Master Owner:  Courses are owned by the Maricopa Community Colleges/Estrella Mountain Community College.  Course masters developers are compensated by the owner for creation, major updates, or course redesigns. Any EMCC instructor can request to be added as an observer to a course master through the CTL. 

Division Chairs: Any changes to course masters are ultimately the responsibility of the division chair from which the discipline of the course is housed.  All major updates or course redesigns need the approval of the division chair. Division chairs have teacher-level access to the course master through the CTL. A new course master proposal may be initiated by the division chair (with approval from the supervisory dean).

Course Master Champions:  At the division chair’s discretion, the division chair will work with the faculty in their division to identify one or more course master champions (these individuals will usually be faculty qualified to teach in the discipline).  Upon written permission from the division chair, champions will be given (or removed from) teacher-level access to the course master through the CTL. Champions will be allowed to make minor updates to the course. Only division chairs or master course champions can propose major course updates or course redesigns. If there is more than one master course champion, all master course champions must approve of major updates or course redesigns. For a non-division chair (i.e., other faculty members)  to propose a new master course, they must have agreement to be a course champion by the division chair.

Occupational Program Director: If a discipline is associated with an occupational program director (OPD), then the OPD will automatically be a course master champion, unless this permission is rescinded by the OPD her/himself or by the division chair, in writing, to the CTL.