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Course Master Grant

The purpose of EMCC’s Course Master grant is to provide a faculty-driven mechanism for developing, expanding, and upgrading EMCC’s course offerings to improve student access and success through innovative pedagogical techniques and course design. The grant process provides compensation for faculty to develop course masters that will be owned by the Maricopa Community Colleges/Estrella Mountain Community College and may be observed and used by other instructors.

As part of the development process, you will need to find and work with a subject matter expert (SME) to review your course using the SME course development checklist (see supplmental resources below). To identify your SME, please follow this process.

Course master development is limited to 30 developers a year. Preference for development will be given to those faculty who qualify for the Course Master grant. However, if after the grant allocation process has concluded and the cap has not been filled, we invite developers with external funding sources to go through the course development process.

Proposal is submitted to FRACTL chair no later than the second to last Friday of February (2/21/20).

To learn more, please access these supplemental resources:
2020/2021 Course Master Grant

How to Find a Submect Matter Expert (SME)
SME Course Development checklist
Peer Reviewer Course Development Checklist

To learn about the current state of Arizona General Education Curriculum (AGEC) course masters at EMCC, visit:

2019/2020 Course Masters Scorecard

Sample Successful Grant Applications from the 2019/20 Development Cycle:

SLP240 (Hill)

CFS176/ECH176 (Buccigrosse)