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Available Services

Audio/Video Request Forms

Instructional Video Form - All questions must be answered and approved by the CTL A/V technician before the date is set for filming; see the CTL A/V technician for questions or any details. Please allow at least two weeks of planning prior to the video shoot.

Live Event Video Form -  If you have any questions regarding the filling out of this form, please contact the Center for Teaching and Learning's Audio Video Technician at sends e-mail)

Can the CTL help me record an event or lecture?

Yes, we're here to help you with your recording needs!  Exactly what help we provide depends on the need. We can:

  • Train you to use the proper tools to create the ideal video learning tool to help the students you serve achieve their learning goals.
  • Provide the equipment and training you need to successfully record an event for your class, club, or college group.
  • When needed, we can record special events or lectures for the entire college.

To find out what we can do for you, make an appointment for a consultation with our audiovisual technician by submitting a help request via email to

  • We can work with you to build short videos that create awareness of a school activity.
What kinds of equipment are available for check-out?

Video Cameras

  • Sony HDR-CX405  Camcorder     -  This video camera shoots professional quality HD video on mini SD Cards, can also record mp4 files for easy upload to online courses.
  • Flip Mino  Usb Camcorder    - This video camera records a file that can be accessed via usb on Mac or Windows.
  • Insigna HD Usb Camcorder  - This video camera records a file that can be accessed via usb on Mac or Windows.
  • Sony GC-1 webshare cam   - This video camera records a file that can be accessed via usb on Mac or Windows.
  • Photo Cameras
  • Panasonic Lumix GH2 Camera           - This camera is a DSLR that can be connected to a mac or pc with a usb cable.
  • Sony Cybershot 10mp digital camera - This camera can also shoot HD video and can be accessed on Mac or Windows.


  • H4n Zoom Pro Recorder - Digital audio record with the option of recording from two lav mics. Can record mp3 files or wav files that can be uploaded to your online courses.
  • Mp3 recorders and lapel microphones are available. - These are digital recorders that can be accessed on a Mac or PC.
  • Sure SM58 microphones and cables.


  • LED Panel Lights - Used to light up a subject for higher video quality. Light burn cool and are safe to use.
  • Video Tripods
How do I check-out equipment?

To check out audio or video equipment please contact the CTL at with your request.  If the equipment is available, you will be asked to come in and sign a check out form. 

How can I get help creating a video?

If you would like to create a video, please contact the CTL at with your request.  Our audiovisual technician will then contact you to determine your precise needs, which may include:

  • Screencasting
  • Lightboard Recording system
  • Slide Presentations with voiceover
  • Event filming
  • Short video production (approximately 30 seconds to 5 minutes)

Once you have worked with the audiovisual technician to determine your needs, the technician will assist you in creating the project.  The goal of the CTL is to train staff to empower their own learning, so our support will emphasize your role in the project.  However, the staff will be available to help out at every step, and will help create those elements that require professional quality services.

Do I need to do anything special if I want to record a video of other people?

If the people you want to record are employees of MCCCD, you can include them in your video, as long as the video is part of an MCCCD related project. However, if you are filming students, guest speakers, or community groups that are not part of MCCCD, you will need to have them sign a talent release first.  Here is a link to the talent release form.

How can I learn to make better videos myself?

A key element to creating successful video content for your courses is having a basic understanding of videography and cinema techniques. These basic learning modules are available to expand your knowledge of videography and cinema!