Center for Teaching and Learning

Adjunct Faculty Resources

EMCC and the CTL are dedicated to investing in our adjunct faculty learning! Below are a list of some of the resources available to Adjunct Faculty at EMCC:

Adjunct Faculty Orientation

The Adjunct Faculty Online Orientation covers the basic information you need to be a part of our teaching and learning community. Click Adjunct Faculty Online Orientation to begin.

Continuing Adjunct Faculty Education (CAFE) Credits - Compensation Program

What does the program do? Provide compensation to adjunct faculty for ongoing training and professional development related to Teaching and Learning. 

Why does EMCC support the program? Adjunct faculty provide significant learning opportunities to community college students. Investing in adjunct faculty development, and their success in the learning environment, impacts student success.

Who coordinates the CAFE? The adjunct faculty development program is coordinated by EMCC's CTL with advice from EMCC's Professional Learning Community (PLC) advisory team.

For more info and to sign up, please visit the Continuing Adjunct Faculty Education (CAFE) homepage.

Division-specific Adjunct Faculty Professional Training

If you are a chair who is planning a training session for adjuncts and wishes to request compensation, please follow the process below. 

Adjunct faculty may be compensated for attending EMCC sponsored learning sessions when the purpose of the sessions is to develop knowledge and skills necessary to advance the teaching/learning process. Some examples of such learning sessions include discipline specific software training and pedagogy workshops. 

Division/Discipline-Specific Event

A Division/Discipline-Specific Event applies when a Division Chair plans an EMCC sponsored learning session for adjunct faculty in her/his Division or in a specific discipline and wishes to request compensation for adjunct faculty attendance. Here is the process:

1. Draft a 1-page document that clearly explains the following:

  • learning activity(ies) and objective(s)  

(Example: Adjunct faculty and classroom management)

  • number of adjuncts expected to attend
  • date for session and length of session

2. Submit this document via email to the appropriate Dean for review.

The appropriate Dean then sends the Division Chair her/his approval via email. 

3. Seek approval from the CTL Faculty Director. After approval, work with the CTL Faculty Director on planning for reserving space use.  

4. Take attendance at the event (if outside the CTL) and provide attendance sheet to the CTL Administrative Specialist.

5. Adjunct faculty receive compensation through the CAFE Credits program at the end of the semester.

Adjunct Faculty Professional Growth - Conferences

Adjunct faculty can receive up to $750 per academic year to attend professional development opportunities, such as conferences.  As EMCC's adjunct faculty professional growth representative, the CTL faculty director can assist you in completing your paperwork and navigating the system.  To learn more, please visit: