Center for Teaching and Learning

3D Printer

3D Models provide a pathway for innovative teaching techniques in the modern classroom. Colleges and universities have embraced this technology as a way of approaching all sorts of concepts from new perspectives.

The CTL’s printer is aimed at creating 3D instructional tools to use in the classroom. 3D objects can illustrate concepts and relationships, but are not limited to these functions! 3D models can also be used to generate interest and interaction with your students.

The CTL’s 3D Printer is available to create your custom model on the EMCC campus. These custom-fabricated objects can be applied to all disciplines.

We can assist with the following:

  • Learning the tools to create models
  • Finding pre-designed models
  • Printing your 3D project

Interested?  Have a great idea for your course? Come into the CTL to take advantage of this great resource!